Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide 2020

The health benefits of switching to a standing desk are a game-changer

People serious about reducing back pain and being more productive starts with freeing yourself from the confines from your workspace.

  • It is possible to become a healthier and stronger you
  • Get rid of your lousy chair and feel less confined
  • Feel stronger and happier the way your body was meant to be

Who This Guide Is For

You, your family, your employees, or anyone who struggles to lose weight and manage their chronic back pain. 

Without further ado let's get started!​

Standing Desk How to Choose

1. Are standing desks healthier?

Benefits of standing includes strengthening your core muscles and postural muscles, which are critical for back stabilization and injury prevention. And good posture can help you with your other pains– including neck, shoulders, and joint pain. Long-term benefits of healthy posture include improved mental outlook, enhanced appeal of confidence, and improved weight-loss. 

Burning Calories? Absolutely.

Evidence-based research studies indicate a significant increase in caloric expenditure in subjects that were standing at a standing classroom desk compared with sitting at a standard classroom desk.

Increasing Productivity? Yes, a 45% increase in productivity.

A control study measured user productivity of stand-capable desks and found they were ∼45% more productive on a daily basis compared to their seated counterparts. Further, productivity of the stand-capable desk users significantly increased over time, from ∼23% in the 1st month to ∼53% over the next 6 months.

Moreover, sit-stand users felt more in control of their diet and exercise regimen once they felt they were able to move more often throughout their day.

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Are standing desks better for your back? Yes, a 54% reduction in pain.

The Take-a-Stand Project reduced time spent sitting by 224% (66 minutes per day), reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states.

How much should I use my standing desk?

1: 1
Sit Stand Ratio

Using advanced ergonomic and health risk calculations, Jack Callaghan, a professor in Waterloo’s Department of Kinesiology, has found that the ideal sit-stand ratio lies somewhere between 1:1 and 1:3 hours.

“Historically what has been preached is a three to one ratio, but we found the opposite will give you the benefits of not sitting as much, but not inducing problems from standing.” For an eight hour work day, the highest ratio works out to standing for a full 45 minutes every hour. But by adopting a health-oriented mindset to stand more will create routine into you brain, and you will do it more.

TLDR Are Standing Desks Better for You?

  • If you want less back pain, YES
  • If you want to burn calories while standing, YES
  • If you want to be more productive, YES

2. Elbow Height

Your Height Standing Elbow Height (in) Standing Elbow Height (cm)
5’0″ 36.5″ 93
5’1″ 37″ 94
5’2″ 37.5″ 95
5’3″ 38″ 97
5’4″ 39″ 99
5’5″ 39.5″ 100
5’6″ 40.5″ 103
5’7″ 41″ 104
5’8″ 41.5″ 105
5’9″ 42.5″ 108
5’10” 43″ 109
5’11” 43.5″ 110
6’0″ 44″ 112
6’1″ 44.5″ 113
6’2″ 45.5″ 116
6’3″ 46″ 117
6’4″ 47″ 119
Standing Desk Elbow Height

3. What is the difference between single motor & dual motor?

1. Weight Capacity – The biggest difference is the dynamic load rating, or what is called “moving” load. A single motor can move roughly 88lb moving (176lb static) while a dual motor can do 265lb moving, 310 static. For more power and flexibility of your desktop, go with dual motor.

Example: Three 27″ monitors that weigh about 20lb each, an 8lb keyboard, papers, drinks, phone, and general office supplies can run you upwards of 75lbs. This doesn’t include your desktop surface (which can vary in weight depending on wood type). If your tabletop is made of real-wood, your total load can reach over 140lbs alone—surpassing most single motor’s capability, but a breeze for the dual.

2. Desk Aesthetics– Dual Motor standing desks are built with their motors Internalized vs Externalized. The benefits of an internalized dual-motors is that they are able to be hidden within the frame itself. This will provide a more finished look than the exposed single motor design.

Standing Desk Dual Motor

4. Frame stability features to look for

A standing desk is a system with many interacting parts. No one feature is going to define its overall stability.

Height Setting. The higher a standing desk goes; physics will naturally make the overall desk less sturdy.

Wedge Support. This improves lateral stability significantly when compared to products without it.

Standing Desk Wedge

Type of Floor. Carpet is less favorable because of the uneven distribution of mass. Hard floor is best.

Standing Desk Carpet
Standing Desk Telescopic Legs

Quality of Telescoping Legs: Telescoping Legs are the Tight and compact design in the articulating legs will promote a smoother rise of the standing desk.

Number of Telescoping Legs. A narrow 40″ or 48″ desk this will have little material effect on the overall stability of the desk. However, once you go over 60″ or 72″ (depending on the type of wood), the thicker, the better. A thin 3/4″ top may not add any stability at all.

Standing Desk Grey Frame

Casters. Casters are optional addons great for making their height adjustable table mobile and taller. These types of tables are used in classrooms, warehouses, training rooms, or even in your personal office space. To add these onto you desk, simply remove the foot glides that comes with your standing desk and replace them with casters.

Standing Desk Caster Height

Weight Capacity. If you’re used to having a lot of stuff on your desk, you have to consider how much weight the motor can handle. Most standing desks can lift over 200lbs.

5. Table Size & Color

They’re 2 options in customizing your standing desk.

  1. Buy a frame-only standing desk
  2. Buy frame with table top standing desk

How to choose the right size table top:

Standing Desk Table Sizes
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