Camel Electric Standing Desk (Table Top Included)

$525.49 $444.52


Camel Electric Standing Desk (Table Top Included)

$525.49 $444.52


Our goal was to create the highest-quality and most stable height-adjustable standing desk for the best value you can find.

  • 47 x 28
  • 60 x 30"
  • Black
  • Designer White
  • Programmable Handset
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The highest-quality and most stable height-adjustable standing desk

A dual motor, reinforced welded steel frame with a height adjustment between 24″ and 50″

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Reinforced Welded Steel Frame

Industry-leading all-steel frame with an extendable steel stability crossbar underneath minimizes standing desk wobble on any floor surface at any height.

Standing Desk Welded Steel
Standing Desk Extendable Frame

Extendable Design

Superior design and engineering allows for easy installation and table top size customization giving you a stylish, clean look to your space.

Three Telescopic Legs

Triple telescopic legs and dual motor design for smoother, quieter, longer life, and greater desk weight capacity (up to 100 kgs)

Standing Desk 3 Telescopic Legs
Standing Desk Handset

4 Digital Presets

The handset features 4 programmable height settings designed with active-hold buttons for safety, allowing you to easily and quietly adjust to your ideal height between 23.7 inches and 49.3 inches.

The programmable handset on a typical setup.
Standing Desk Telescopic Legs
The high-quality 3 telescopic legs.

Frame & Table Top Colors

Standing Desk White Frame

White Frame

Standing Desk Grey Frame

Grey Frame

Standing Desk Black Frame

Black Frame

Laminate Desk Top Black

Black Table Top

Laminate Desk Top White

White Table Top

Frequently Asked Questions

Convenience – CamelDesk is easy to order, ships quickly. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back, no problem. In fact, we offer free shipping to anywhere in Domestic Canada and the US.

Quality – Our durable and strong steel frames and electric components are designed, built and tested for maximum stability and are machine-welded for extra stability and variety of finishes.

Price—While other companies addon a substantial markup to their frames, CamelDesk keeps things simple and offers the best value for the best price, in Canada and the US.  

By optimizing structural support design of the frame, CamelDesk offers a fast and easy setup, requiring only a minimal assembly so you’re up and running in no time. 

Yes! Our desk comfortably fits heights from 5’0″ to 6’4″.

Absolutely! With a simple DIY step, you add any Keyboard tray you like. We recommend the Humanscale 6G for its versatility and elegance to your desk setup. Plus, you’ll free up your desktop of your keyboard and mouse.

We recommend a 1:1 hour ratio of sit-to-stand for optimal blood flow and healthy movement.

Yes! Our extendable steel frame construction is designed for rough environments with structural cross bar wedging, reducing sway and wobble.

Having a CamelDesk allows you to move freely from standing, sitting, and leaning. The key is to not stress about perfect form!

Posture Tip: Keep your shoulders back, and allow them to relax with your arms hanging naturally by your side. Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle, keeping your neck neutral and your wrists straight in front of you

Back pain is a real obstacle for some in their work day. Nobody should have to live in chronic pain.

Here is a template Letter of Medical Necessity you can provide to your workplace to justify your need for an ergonomic CamelDesk.

If you are brand new to sit-stand desks, you will feel relief almost immediately. No more being confined to a chair (that you may hate). Plus, you’ll start to develop core muscles that will help you strengthen your back and improve your posture. You’ll have more energy and burn more calories over time.

Protip: Give your standing desk a month of use to really see the results!

Positional change is the key. If you have a height adjustable desk, the general recommendation is to

stand for up to 15 to 20 minutes at a time and to sit for up to 30 to 45 minutes at a time. Even if you do not have a height adjustable desk, it is still recommended that you get up once or twice per hour to incorporate movement throughout the day.

Yes! The heavy-duty frame can support a wide variety of tabletop options if you want to buy a separate custom table top. Please see the technical specs of the frame here.

Technical Specs

Additional information

Table Size

47 x 28, 60 x 30"

Table Top Colour

Black, Designer White

Frame Colour

Saber Silver, Mirage White, Starless Night Black

Handset - FREE

Programmable Handset


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